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Transit is mainly for American users, but its city coverage extends to more than 50 non-US cities including London and Paris too.

It’s a public transport app, and it works on a simple and largely accurate assumption: when you use the app, you’re in a hurry.

Inside the app there are workouts designed to last 1, 4 and 7 minutes respectively, covering strength training and cardio.

One minute doesn’t sound particularly strenuous but you’ll be surprised: the app appears to be haunted by the ghost of a particularly sadistic circuit training coach, and you’ll definitely feel the seven-minute workout across your body.

Public transport tends to bring out the best in designers - think the simple genius of the London Underground map or the colorful signage on the New York subway - and that’s definitely the case here.

Transit makes excellent use of color and typography to provide all the information you need in a very effective way.

The app also tries to motivate you during your workout - “Pain is weakness leaving the body” and that kind of thing - and it promises that no two workouts are alike, although realistically if you get bored during a one-minute workout you might need more motivation than any app can out).

Its Watch efforts are much more successful, with the Watch doing what watches do best: timing.

You’ll also see photos so you can compare what your food looks like with what it should look like.It’s not the most comprehensive app around, but it isn’t supposed to be: it’s designed for relatively inexperienced cooks and the 40-odd items it does know about cover all the basics.If you’re unsure of cooking times or just easily distracted, it’s a great app to have.Update: The best Apple Watch apps list is one we're constantly updating.Here's what's been making our i Phone smartwatch tick.

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