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In America you would usually cringe at the thought of being set up on a blind date.Literally all the worst possible qualities in a date start to manifest in your head and you’re already brainstorming ways to make a quick escape in case of disaster.People who have met online using various apps or chatting services will arrange a meeting at a location of their choosing.번개 meaning “lightning,” is a reference as to how fast these sort of dates can be made.

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When it comes to dating itself, the role of the man is a bit different in the Korean culture.

That being said the context of the date itself will usually be discussed before meeting as to not waste time.

I would consider blind dating in Korea a bit less on the serious side as well and rather people just looking to have a fun night out. This type of blind date is usually arranged by a matchmaker or relatives in hopes of producing a marriage.

While the premise for romantic connections is a possibility it isn’t the primary goal.

Two groups of friends will meet, usually set up by one or two of the participants.

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