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As you can see, it includes only NES classic emulators, so you’ll find very old computer games in their game lists and roms to download.And if you would like to play more up-to-date ones, like Might and Magic, you’ll certainly face problems…

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Hello followers and welcome to the Q2 2017 progress report.

You might notice it's not as exciting as the previous report, but that is because the PCSX2 team has always slacked during summer time so this was to be fully expected That said, here are the most notable changes since the last report Read more: Q2 2017 progress report The wait is over!

(if there were people still waiting on us ) The Q1 2017 progress report is here, albeit we are late once more.

Open Terminal (command line), move to this folder and unpack the archive using the following command: and enable the “Emulate a virtual desktop” bar.

Otherwise, you can face issues when the application will try to switch to the full-screen mode.

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