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It turns out, though, there may be competition for the tablets.

Another lawyer is trying to seize the Persepolis collection and other Iranian assets to compensate more than 150 families of 241 U. service members killed in a suicide bombing of a Marines barracks in Beirut in 1983.

Two decades later, another law was passed to help civilians.

For others, they may one day be payment for a terrible deed.

In an extraordinary battle unfolding slowly in federal court here, several survivors of a suicide bombing in Jerusalem in 1997 sued the government of Iran, accusing it of being complicit in the attack.

They won a 2 million default judgment from a judge in Washington, D.

Iran, though, has an unlikely ally in its fight: The Justice Department.

In three statements, the agency has generally agreed the tablets shouldn't be seized, Corcoran says.

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