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"I do Face Time training with my trainer," The Voice alum, 26, tells PEOPLE on a special chartered plane ride while celebrating Southwest Airlines' 30 Years in Music City, Live at 35.

Flying the friendly skies got a little more exciting for passengers onboard the inaugural flight of Southwest Airlines Tennessee One Monday (Feb.

22) when Chris Young and Cassadee Pope gave a surprise performance between Music City and Memphis when they sang their fast-rising single "Think of You" as part of Southwest's Live at 35 concert series.

The mile-high gig was part of the events celebrating Southwest's 30th anniversary in Tennessee.

The lead single sets the tone as "...a familiar, but well-told story by a vocalist capable of bringing the emotion [you] can relate to.” (is a lot like those moments … As the fast friends have gotten to know each other better over the course of the last several months, Nash Country Daily thought it would be fun for the tandem to interview each other during one of their last tour stops to see what surprising facts they could learn.Other than that, having the chance to pick stuff up. Cassadee: I have an arm piece that’s about a quarter-sleeve.I feel like I run in my house, drop stuff in the middle of the floor and then I leave. I’m not sure how many tattoos it took to create it, but they all involve music. When I was a kid I thought I could be a scientist and then I realized it was all based in super difficult math.But that's not stopping Cassadee Pope, who's joined Chris Young for a run of sold-out concert dates, from staying fit.The singer packs a secret weapon in her suitcase when she's on the road – her trainer, virtually.

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