Michelle obama gives dating advice

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I mean, my husband is not the President of the United States, he’s a Ph D student and we STILL have to constantly work and remind ourselves to prioritize our time together to make our marriage stronger. Anyway, here are some of the secrets to the happy marriage of the Obama’s (citations to quotes found in the links of their names): “Marriage is hard work.

I’m pretty grateful my husband isn’t president for a number of reasons, but obstacles to a strong marriage would be up there. Even the best of marriages require a lot of work — even if you’re married to your soulmate who has very few flaws.

Barack has a 20-car motorcade, men with guns, the ambulance is always there. ” – Michelle talking to Jimmy Fallon “How do you and Barack deal with being apart for an extended period?

”: “We have adjusted to maintaining a really solid relationship at a distance. If we have a moment, no matter how tired we are, we go on a date.” – Michelle “We were at a law firm together, I was a Summer associate, she was already practicing law.

I think you go through that wonderful love stage, but when it gets hard, you need a little bit more.” – Michelle via lipstic “One of the things that attracted me to Barack was his emotional honesty. There are no games with him—he is who he appears to be.

I feel fortunate as a woman to have a husband who loves me and shows me in every way.” – Michelle “And I would not be standing here tonight without the unyielding support of my best friend for the last 16 years … not only has she been a great first lady, she is just my rock.

As far as choosing the right man is concerned, Michelle Obama seems to have good instincts. " Mrs Obama, who has been married for 17 years, told US magazine she always knew Barack was the man for her. "He was special in terms of his honesty, his sincerity, his compassion for other people.

When sharing her tips for finding The One, the US president's wife says intelligence and integrity should be the qualities women go for, rather than looks. But cute only lasts for so long and then it's 'Who are you as a person? Dating a man just because he is rich is another bad move. "Look at how the guy treats his mother and what he says about women. When you're dating a man you should always feel good. "You shouldn't be in a relationship with somebody who doesn't make you completely happy.

Obama said, If we let [fear] consume us, then we don't move. they keep you grounded when fear sets in, when the failure that is inevitable comes your way.I mean that’s a recipe made for disaster, so there are highs and lows.But if in the end you can look him in the eye and say, ‘I like you.’ I stopped believing at love in first sight.If we allow fear to define one another, then we go down a very dark path. It's an emotion that we all feel, it just can't consume you. if you have a foundation of knowing who you are, knowing your values and being good with that... In short: Know who you are, establish your values, recognize failure happens to all of us in some way, and surround yourself with people who will support you along the way.if you take some time to determine what your higher purpose is ... In her discussion on fear, Obama put particular emphasis on recognizing that success does not occur independently. I really want the young people to understand this: You do not succeed alone, you're not supposed to.

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