Rules dating more than one man double your online dating now

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"When the male brain sees you checking your i Phone during dinner, it interprets that as 'I'm not important,'" says marriage therapist Mike Dow, Psy D.That's because men's brains evolved to do one thing at a time while filtering out all other stimuli, he explains.Instead of a quick peck before running out the door, choose a lingering embrace."While women connect verbally, men connect more through touch," says Goldstein. It's a long time, but there's something about that number where the hold ends up really giving him something." And there's no doubt you'll like it, too.

To do that, "talk about yourself in anecdotes," says Gonzaga.Shedding stress, eating right, exercising, quitting smoking and even pampering yourself may sound like treats for you, but they're also ways to show you love him. Throughout time, men have had to fight and provide to attract and keep women—and they aren't afraid to pull out the masculinity measuring sticks when potential competitors come around."This communicates, 'I want to have a long, wonderful life with you, and I'll do whatever it takes to prevent you from experiencing the grief of losing someone,'" says Dr. Let your husband know you think of him the way he'd love to be seen: as a provider, problem-solver, handyman, sex stud and knight in shining armor.Even though women function differently (you know firsthand how well you multitask), your man will appreciate you focusing solely on him."It says, 'You are my priority, and I love you,'" adds Dr. So make eye contact while he's talking and limit interruptions.

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