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However, in some cases, sexting is used to bully, blackmail and exploit.Sexts can involve words, photos or videos such as: The decision to sext is personal — not everyone feels the same way about it. Older teens are more likely than younger teens to send and receive sexts.

Even when there is consent, trust and respect between people who decide to sext, it’s hard to be completely sure a sexual message will be private.

If you sext, it’s important to feel comfortable — you should not feel pressured into it.

Some of the reasons people may choose to sext are: The survey found that 28% of young people who had sent sexual messages felt pressured into it.

It’s important that you feel in control of whether you send a sext and that you send it because you want to.

If you’re feeling uncomfortable or pressured, it’s always OK to say ‘no’. Sexting with someone you met online or someone who’s much older than you has different legal concerns than sexting with someone your own age.

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