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"He don't look so cold-blooded to me, brother," Emit said, his voice low. You know, after gettin' slapped 'r somethin'." "I don't know," Jesse said slowly, in equally hushed tones. He leaned further towards the men on the other side of the bar and spoke low. Both Tatums turned back to Walt, who in turn took a long draw from his newly-refilled glass. "Riley gets his Spencer." Walt curled his hands in the air, one above the other as if grasping an invisible rifle. Probably mangled and hard like his face." He swept his arm up towards the staircase leading to the whores' rooms. " His whore huffed and sat back down in his chair while the lumbering giant made for his crewmate. "Don't expect I'll be layin' down too much." He gave Emit a wink and headed out the back entrance to the shed. Virginia Alice's eyes darted to the vicious scar, but even that wasn't enough to distract her from the fire in Riley's eyes.

"That ain't no " He stared at the big man for another second and then leaned in towards the Tatums again. He paused, seeing his audience was riveted again, to let the tension build. He twisted his substantial body around, stumbling as he leaned away. That's just not right." "Well how can he be such a man if he ain't got no bits left? "Well," Jesse started, thoughtfully, before turning to Walt. "And a good thing for you or he'd be fucking every girl in this place 'til they weren't no good to work for a week! "I think Walt here should buy a girl for Smilin' Riley, say thank you for savin' his ass with them ." Walt snorted. Ain't you been listenin' to this here story I been tellin? "You don't wanna miss this." Hugo hustled through the twin spring-loaded half-doors and came back a second later, pushing Smilin' Riley in front of him. *** Virginia Alice looked up from tipping the steaming contents of her bucket into the tub at the sound of boots scuffing against floor at her door. I've got one comin' up in a minute." "That's me," Riley said, shifting uncomfortably. I'm " Virginia Alice looked up again and studied the figure in the door with a longer look. "You need to bite down real hard on that tongue of yours," Riley hissed. You are " Riley held her for another moment before releasing her, and Virginia Alice slumped down onto the edge of her freestanding copper tub.

"Well," Virginia Alice said, tracing her fingertips across the exposed upper part of her chest in a manner that she knew would draw the eye where she wanted it.

"I've never had a woman-" "And you won't have to, neither," Riley interrupted, folding her arms across her chest and turning to scowl at the wall. Tell 'em all how I'm sure I just got you pregnant." Riley narrowed her eyes just that much more.

"Thank you, thank you." "I heard tell you and yer boys've been havin' quite a streak." "Aw c'mon now, Jesse," Walt said, leaning against the bar. Then we caught a couple stagecoaches coming up around Saratoga and, uh..." Walt grinned. a little." "Hoo-wee," Jesse said, grinning ear to ear. " Walt leaned forward, letting the moment grow pregnant with anticipation "Four. Jesse pulled out five mismatched cups and started pouring out their whiskey. "Shut up, Trigger," Walt cried, rounding on the other man. The door opened behind them, and a third, even taller, man came through. Drops two of 'em in one shot, 'em, and we blasted our way outta there." "I always wanted me a Spencer," Jesse said, nearly drooling. "Tector was cheatin' too." "Dammit Hugo." Walt turned on his stool and fixed a stare on the big man that set him on his heels. " Jesse leaned in close and whispered, "" "Colder than the shady side of a witch's titty.Some of the other girls might snipe at her for it, but such was her lot in life.Virginia Alice gathered some of her hair from her right shoulder and ran her nails through it.Not too hard; just enough to have the sound of her open palm against denim travel outside the room.Virginia Alice looked back and forth between the door and the other woman, and issued a delicate coo. As the footsteps continued past their room and down the stairs, Riley finally began to relax. Virginia Alice swallowed, licked her lips, and bellowed into the quiet, filling the room with her own agonized echo.

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